October 12th – Reg  

October 19th – Harry & Charlotte Stolarchuks

Elder in Charge – 

Sabbath Farewell (tonight) – 6:43

Sabbath Welcome (next week) – 6:29


We welcome you to a time of worship and fellowship with our Creator and with each other; a time to rest, reflect and replenish ourselves; a time to give thanks to our God for He has richly blessed us.  May our worship together be elevated, refined, and sanctified!



Superintendent – Rose Campbell

Pianist – Caroline Walters


BIBLE STUDY 10:20 AM – 10:55 AM


Class #1- Left Back – Errol Campbell

Class #2 - Right Front – Harry Stolarchuk

Class #3 – Balcony – Rosemarie Campbell





Pathfinder Processional


Welcome – Martin Leming

Praise & Worship

Announcements – Rayon Shelley

Call to Worship Song – Congregation

Invocation – Michelle Leming

Scripture Reading – Nikol Bezukh

Special Music – Keny Valencia

Pathfinder Induction of Joseph Kim, Shalden Hillier and Solomon Steinke

Offering & Prayer of Deduction – Joseph Kim

Children’s Story – Hannah Leming

Oshkosh Report – Marcella & Michelle Mathew

Spoken Word – Michelle Leming “ Chosen “

Congregational Praise

Benediction – Ashden Hillier




Thank you for your prayers and support.  Please continue to prayer for me.

Pastor Turgott.


October 16 @ 7:30 pm – Prayer meeting.


October 20 @ 5 pm- The Vegan Supper Club will conduct its 1st Fall Supper and healthy eating, recipes and information.  Please let Liela, Darlene or connie know that you are coming.


November 10-18 – Revival Week at our church with Pastor Don MacLafferty.  Invite your family members and friends to attend these meetings.  Please pray for the success of the meetings.



Let Your Light So Shine!  Come and join us for a weekend presentations and training seminars sponsored by the Greater Ministerial Association in preparation for Impact 2020. We begin Friday, October 18th @ 7:00 pm at the Filipino Church (Kirk United Church, 13535-122nd Ave. NW) and continue through the weekend with Sabbath afternoon and Sunday morning training sessions at Coralwood Adventist academy by presenters Chris Holland, Darlene Blaney, Darrell Beaudoin, Kingsley Moya, Karen Glassford and Joel Stapleton.  Topics will include preparing for evangelism, reaching young adults, cell phone evangelism, conducting a marriage seminar, conducting a cooking school, how to give a Bible study, health coaching and more. Watch for a bulletin insert next week that will give more details and information on how to register.  Mark your calendars today and we’ll see you there!





Required monthly for Church Expense - $ 2,000

Received in August: $1615                               


Leduc Church Building Fund

Received to date:  $138,165


Sabbath School Investment

Received to date:  $670


Park Manor Employment Opportunity


Park Manor Care is seeking qualified CEO applicants who will capably embrace the responsibility for administrative operations to implement the Strategic Plans of Care for our 100-bed personal care home and 60-suite independent senior’s apartments.  This Winnipeg-based, full-time position is available beginning November 2019.
Applicants will preferably have a Business Administration degree plus 5-10 years of experience in healthcare administration and will be committed to serving in our growing Adventist community featuring 1,000 members, 9 churches, 2 care homes, 1 senior’s lodge, and 1 academy.
Please explore website:,  then submit your CV and cover letter to Board Chair Michael Collins, 301 Redonda Street, Winnipeg, MB R2C 1L7 or email: <>