February 8, 2020 Bulletin





January 25th – Howard & Rosemarie

February 1st  - Reg & Connie

Elder in Charge – Michelle Leming

Sabbath Farewell (tonight) – 5:26 pm

Sabbath Welcome (next week) – 5:40 pm


We welcome you to a time of worship and fellowship with our Creator and with each other; a time to rest, reflect and replenish ourselves; a time to give thanks to our God for He has richly blessed us.  May our worship together be elevated, refined, and sanctified!



Superintendent – Rosemarie Campbell

Pianist – Bonnie Wigley


BIBLE STUDY 10:20 AM – 10:55 AM

Class #1 – Left Back – Danielle Elias

Class #2 – Right Front – Mirette Brown

Class #3 – Balcony – Yvonne Leslie

Youth Class – Balcony - Rayon Shelley




Praise & Worship – Choir

Announcements – Elder Michelle Leming

Call to Worship Song – Congregation

Invocation – Pastor Shaun Young

Welcome – Elder Michelle Leming

Opening Hymn - #515 – “Elder Michelle Leming” " The Lord Is My Light

Personal Giving – Danny Smith It Is Written Canada

Praise & Petitions - Elder Michelle Leming

Pastoral Prayer – Elder Michelle Leming

Children’s Story – Karie Williams

Written Word – Hannah LemingJohn 3:17-21

Worship in Music – Choir

Spoken Word – Pastor Shaun YoungCome to the Light

Closing Hymn - #309 – “I Surrender All

Benediction – Pastor Shaun Young




Tonight @ 6 pm – Church Annual Business Meeting.  Please come out and support the meeting. We need your input as we make important decisions regarding our church.


This afternoon at 5:00 pm.  Children’s Ministry Team meeting to do some planning.


Many thanks to the church family for the cards, prayers and phone calls of support.

Ralph and Jean Reuteman


Feb. 9, 2020 @ 2 pm Leduc SDA Church.

Women’s Ministry Meeting. Get in touch with activities for the year and Secret Sister name draw.  Mark your calendar for this important meeting.


Wed. Feb. 12 @ 7:30 pm – Prayer Meeting.


Sat. Feb. 15 @ 7:00 pm.  The Leduc SDA Church presents COUPLES NIGHT @ Leduc Fellowship Church 4401 – Rollyview Road.  Join us for a night of fun, food and fellowship!  Please bring your favourite sandwiches, finger food and desserts to contribute to the potluck dinner.  RSVP to Christabel Khumalo at 780-690-5497 by February 8th.


Are you willing to spend just 45 minutes on a Sabbath morning…mentoring young minds ages 6 and under via crafts, stories and more.  You can choose the ages you are comfortable working with!!! If you are ready to serve and have lots of fun, please contact Kirsha @ 250-270-0298 or Bridgette @ 780-920-2551.


Impact 2020 City-wide Prayer Meeting. Our first impact 2020 City-wide Prayer Meeting will take place Wednesday, February12 @ 7:00 pm at Edmonton Central Church.  Come and join us for a time of singing, testimonies and prayer as we celebrate what God is doing in our church in 2020!


April 17-19, 2020 Women’s Retreat at Cambridge Hotel (formerly the Sheraton) in Red Deer.

Theme:  Better Together, with guest speaker Dilys Brooks, Chaplain at Loma Linda University. Register at the Conference website www.albertaadventist.ca/wm2020 or call 403-342-5044.  Early Bird registration is $199 and ends March 3.  Price after the 3rd is $229 and registration is open until March 31.  Call the Cambridge at 800-662-7197 to reserve a room or go to Reservation URL:https://reservations.travelclick.com/108483?groupID=2571515



AV Media – If you have any media items (videos, audio tracks, presentations/slide shows, song numbers etc) that are needed for SS or the Divine Service, they mut be sent to the A/V Team email at leducsdamedia@gmail.com before noon on Friday.  Late submissions will not be accepted.






Required monthly for Church Expense - $ 3,000

Received in December$3,423                               


Leduc Church Building Fund

Received to date:  $138,890


Sabbath School Investment

Received to date:  $1,002


Special Projects:



Funds required:   $2,565

Funds received: $100


Worthy Students:

Funds required:  $2,500

Funds received:  $1,029


Community Services:

Funds required:  $900

Funds received:  $640


Church Maintenance:

Funds required:  $1500

Funds received:   $ 725




Leduc SDA Church

Annual General Meeting

February 8, 2020 @ 6 pm


Devotion…………………………Pastor Turgott

                            Chairman:  Pastor Turgott

  1.  Roll Call & Quorum

 Approval of Agenda

 Approval of Previous Minutes

  1. Financial Report
  2. Evangelism & Personal Ministry
  3. Departmental Report
  4. Special Announcements & Promotions
  5. Questions & Answers