January 4th – Harry & Charlotte Stolarchuk

January 11th  – Church Closed

Elder in Charge – David Leslie

Sabbath Farewell (tonight) – 4:25 pm

Sabbath Welcome (next week) – 4:35 pm


We welcome you to a time of worship and fellowship with our Creator and with each other; a time to rest, reflect and replenish ourselves; a time to give thanks to our God for He has richly blessed us.  May our worship together be elevated, refined, and sanctified!



Superintendent – Rosemarie Campbell

Pianist – Jeniffer Manzo

BIBLE STUDY 10:20 AM – 10:55 AM


Class #1- Left Back – Errol Campbell

Class #2 - Right Front – Harry Stolarchuk

Class #3 – Balcony – Yvonne Leslie




Hymns of Praise – Marissa Turner & Co.

Announcements – Elder Rayon Shelley

Call to Worship Song – Congregation

Welcome – Elder Rayon Shelley

Opening Hymn - #34 - Wake The Song

Litany of Praise & Thanksgiving – Pastor M. Turgott, Co. & Congregation

Prayer of Thanksgiving – Elder Glenn Knopp

Personal Giving – Elder Michelle Leming

Introduction of Ordination Candidates - Pastor M. Turgott

Our Children Share – Precious Gems

Written Word – Elder Glenn “ 1 Timothy 3:1-13

Special Music - Marissa & Co.

Written Word – Elder Glenn “ Matthew 18:15

A Teaching Moment - Pastor M. Turgott

Ordination Charge - Pastor M. Turgott

Consecration Prayer - Pastor M. Turgott

Certification @ Acknowledgement - Pastor M. Turgott & Elders

Closing Hymn - #350 – “ Blest Be The Tie That Binds ”

Benediction – Elder Keny Valencia




As we begin this new year 2020, we ask that You will create in us clean hearts and renew a right spirit within us. We pray that You will be the Gardener of our souls throughout this new year, weeding away all selfish and sinful ways in us.



 TONIGHT:  Leduc Youth Holiday Party.




AV MediaPlease note that starting January 2020 a new media policy will be implemented: If you have any media items) videos, audio tracks, presentations/slide shows, song numbers etc) that are needed for SS or the Divine Service, they must be sent to the A/V Team email at before noon on Friday.  Late submissions will not be accepted.




Convocation Weekend in Edmonton – January 10-12, 2020.  The church will be closed for this event.




Annual Church Business Meeting – February 8, 2020 @ 6:00 pm.  Please mark your calendar for this meeting.




Required monthly for Church Expense - $ 2,000

Received in November: $2,745                               


Leduc Church Building Fund

Received to date:  $138,370


Sabbath School Investment

Received to date:  $690


Special Projects:



Funds required:   $2,565


Funds received: $0.00


Worthy Students:

Funds required:  $2,500

Funds received:  $255


Community Services:

Funds required:  $600.00

Funds received:  $400.00


Church Maintenance:

Funds required:  $1000.00

Funds received:   $ 525.00