May 25th -   Howard & Rosemarie

June 1st  - Reg & Marissa

Elder in Charge – Michelle Leming

Sabbath Farewell (tonight) – 9:40

Sabbath Welcome (next week) - 9:50


We welcome you to a time of worship and fellowship with our Creator and with each other; a time to rest, reflect and replenish ourselves; a time to give thanks to our God for He has richly blessed us.  May our worship together be elevated, refined, and sanctified!



10:00 – 10:20 AM


Superintendent – Billie Jean Ferster

Pianist – Marissa Turner


BIBLE STUDY 10:20 AM – 10:55 AM


Class #1 - Left Back – Errol Campbell

Class #2 - Right Front – Yvonne Leslie

Class#3 - Balcony – Wellington Mutanga




Praise & Worship – Marissa Turner

Announcements - Michelle Leming

Pianist - Marissa Turner

Call to Worship Song – Congregation

Invocation - Michelle Leming

Welcome –

Opening Hymn - 

Personal Giving – “Conference Advance

Praise and Petitions -

Prayer of Dedication –

Children’s Story – Reg Watt

Written Word -

Worship in Music – Jennifer Manzo

Spoken Word – Michelle Leming

Closing Hymn -

Benediction - Michelle Leming





All are invited to the Adventist Youth program this Sabbath evening at 7:00 p.m. at the church


Sun. May 26, 8 am-2 pm – Pathfinder bike-a-thon at Telford Park.  Pathfinders will be looking for sponsors this week. They will be riding up to 80km per person.  Anyone who wants to come encourage them is welcome.


Sun. May 26, @ 5: pm – the last Vegan Supper Club before Summer holidays begin.  Get some good food and recipes to try at home.


Mon. May 27 @ 7pm – Women’s Ministry meeting at Billie Jean Fester’s.  Informative meeting for the coming months. June 2nd fund raiser breakfast, July 1 – Canada Day and more.  Come support our coming activities Ph. 780-980-0504.


Wed. May 29 @7:30 pm – Prayer Meeting.


Sun. June 2nd 10am Women’s Ministry – Fund raiser Breakfast at Billie Jean’s.  49037 Range road 253.  Family (4) $25.00, Single $10.00.  Please support Women’s Ministry.


Sab. June 15 @ 7:00 pm – The Leduc SDA Church Choir will be having it’s annual concert.  A freewill offering will be taken to raise money for the 2019-2020 season.  Please plan on coming and supporting your choir!


Sabbath June 22 will be Kid’s Day at the Leduc S.D.A. church.  Please support our children from the Precious Gems, Primary and Junior classes as they participate.  Church potluck will follow at the Fred Johns Park.  Please bring burgers, hot dogs, veggies and chips, pizza, fruit and dessert items.



SAGERS (50 YEARS AND UP), Men’s Ministries and others.   Please see information on the bulletin board of the list of projects needing attention.



West Edmonton SDA Church invites you to a ‘Renewing Experience’: 

Wednesday, June 5 @ 7: pm

Friday, June 7 @ 7 pm

Sabbath, June 8 @ 9:15 am, & 8 pm.  Girls Let’s Talk (13+) @ 6 pm.  Light Refreshments each evening @ 6 pm.

Guest speaker:  Elder Judith McFarlane.  Please see the bulletin board for more information.





Required monthly for Church Expense - $ 2,000

Received in March: $1,580                                  


Leduc Church Building Fund

Received to date:  $138,100


Sabbath School Investment

Received to date:  $105

Worthy Student Fund Required:  $500

Received to date: $385


New project:

There are two students currently attending Burman University who call Leduc Church “home.”  If you would like to assist in their school expenses, please mark your envelopes” Worthy Student Fund.