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What is Adventurers?

Adventurers is a Seventh-day Adventist Church sponsored ministry open to all families of children in Pre-Kindergarten through Fourth grade.  It was created to assist parents in their important responsibilities as a child’s primary teachers and evangelizers. The goal of Adventurer Club is to strengthen the parent-child relationship and to further the child’s spiritual, physical, mental and social development. Adventurer Clubs are where all children can learn Christian values, experience the joy of doing things well, express their love for Jesus, learn good sportsmanship and people skills and use their God given abilities to benefit themselves and others.


What is the Adventurer Curriculum Designed to Accomplish?
1. Children will, at their own pace, commit their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ.
2. Children will gain a positive attitude toward the benefits, joys, and responsibilities of living a Christian life.
3. Children will acquire the habits, skills and knowledge needed to live for Jesus today.
4. Parents and other primary care-givers will become more confident and effective as co-laborers with Christ for their children.

What happens there?
Children are grouped by age into six levels of learning and progress through these levels under the guidance of leaders and parents/ other responsible adults. Classes include fun activities based on Christian values, nature study, health and fitness, arts and crafts, recreation and people skills. Adventurer children complete Awards in various subjects for which they earn a badge. They receive a certificate and a ‘Class Pin’ on completion of each class level.


Adventurer Levels.

  • The Little Lamb is for pre-kindergarten or 4 year old.
  • The Eager Beaver is for kindergarten or 5 year old.
  • The Busy Bee level is for first-grade or 6 year old.
  • The Sunbeam level for second-grade or 7 year old.
  • The Builder for third-grade or 8 year old.
  • The Helping Hand for fourth-graders or 9 old.


Each level builds on the levels which came before it and is especially designed to interest, challenge, and provide successful experiences for children of that grade level.



Most required awards will be completed in class on meeting days. Adventurers will also receive “homework” that is, required awards that are to be completed outside of club. There are also additional (non-required) awards that may be completed at home. This can be a great sabbath afternoon family activity. Information on required awards and additional awards that can be done at each class level is available at


Awards are handed out at the investiture service at the end of the year and the patches are added to the adventurer’s sash.


Reading Certificates:

Levels from Busy Bee upwards are required to complete a reading certificate. Follow the links for more information:

            Busy Bee-



Helping Hands-



Registration will be done at the Parent Meeting (first meeting of the year).

  • Membership fee $65 per child paid by cash or cheque (payable to Leduc SDA Church)
  •  Forms to be completed and submitted
    • Membership Application (each child)
    • Medical Consent (each child)
    • Parent Volunteer Information (one per parent)
    • Criminal Record Check (get letters of request from your local Pastor)
    • Photo Release Form (1 form for the family)



  • Meetings will be held 1st Sabbath of the month at 2:30-4:00 pm*
  • Lunch is not provided. However, adventurer families are welcome to use the church’s kitchen facilities for lunch if needed.
  • All meetings will be held at the Leduc SDA Church unless otherwise announced.


*please check calendar as a few dates may be different due to holidays or special events.


Club Meeting Outline:

  • Intro 15 min. 
    • Prayer
    • Announcements
    • Club Songs/ and Adventurer Law
    • Song Selections


  • Curriculum/ Awards 1 hr 15 min.
    • activities, games and curriculum awards



  • Adventurer t-shirts (Class B Uniform) to be worn at all club meetings. These will be ordered at the first meeting.
  • Official (Class A) Adventurer Uniform. This will be worn during the two ceremonies of the year Induction (family blessing) and Investiture, during Adventurer Camp or any other club activity specified.
    • Club will provide on loan: Navy blue pants (no jeans) for boys and navy jumper for girls.
    • Blue/ White short sleeved shirt with rounded or straight collar.
    • Navy blue socks or white socks (parent to provide)
    • Black shoes (parents to provide)
    • Scarf and sash (will be given at Induction)


Parent Involvement:

Classes at our club are taught by parents or other caregivers and therefore, we are encouraging every Parent/Guardian/ Responsible adult to be involved. This will aid us in achieving the objective of “Parents and other primary care-givers becoming more confident and effective as co-laborers with Christ for their children”. A sign-up sheet showing dates and classes will be passed around at the first meeting.  Parents or caregivers will be provided with an outline as well as the list of materials needed to teach.  The outline is a guide and parents or caregivers can feel free to substitute activities in meeting the objective of the award/patch. As part of the planning process, please consult with the adventurer leaders or other parents to see what materials the club may already have in stock. If there are items you need to purchase, we will reimburse you.  Remember- while one person  may be responsible for that week’s lesson, we are a team and adventurer families support each other and are available to assist and share ideas. We have a WhatsApp group and each other’s contact information. Please, just ask.


Additional information on teaching awards is also available at the following links:



IMPORTANT- All parents who are part of the club are required to complete a criminal background check. Your local pastor is able to provide a letter of request which can be presented to the RCMP or Edmonton Police Service. This gives you a concession on the criminal record check (makes it free in Leduc and other areas served by RCMP, and $15 in Edmonton)


We are looking forward to a great year! 



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